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Do you want to help change the world? An Acts Bible Study and Sermon Series

The book of Acts tells the unexpected story of the world changing followers of Jesus. A group that started as a few dozen people locked in the upper room of Jerusalem home after Jesus' death grew into a movement that spread across the Roman Empire.

Here's the thing. The story of Acts doesn't end when the book does. Instead, it lives on through the the followers of Jesus from every generation. You--if you follow Jesus--are part of this story. You--if you follow Jesus--continue the work that started in Acts.

This summer and fall we're going to be studying Acts, both as part of the worship service, and smaller groups. Pastor Chris will be preaching a sermon series through the book of Acts during this time. We will also be offering several different Bible study times

You can attend one of our Bible Study nights, or follow along with the study on your own at home. All you'll need to get started is listed below.

Books and Study Material

Acts: 24 Studies for Individuals and Group by N. T. Wright with Dale & Sandy Larsen - Amazon Link

This book can be used by individuals or in groups. It's designed as a study aid, with questions and prompts along the way. Our sermon series will be following the same breakdown of Acts as these 24 studies.

Acts: For Everyone by N. T. Wright - Amazon Links (Part 1) (Part 2)

This two part commentary series is written for the average person looking to go deeper in the book of Acts. Written by one of the top New Testament scholars of our time, these books will help open your mind to the book of Acts and the world of the New Testament.

Sermon Series Playlist

Other Helpful Videos


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