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Living the story since 1856.

Will you join us?


Sunday School | 9 AM

Worship Service | 10 AM

Going to church is hard. Getting the kids ready. Showing up. Feeling awkward. We get it. So why come?

We believe that the way of Jesus will change your life. Join us in letting Jesus shape and pace your life. We believe it will be a life transforming, making you a better parent and spouse, and bring you closer to Jesus.

Join us Sundays for worship that will impact the whole family.

Here at Salem Magley Church we have:

Sunday School at 9 AM

Worship Service at 10 AM

Our worship service is a mix of traditional and contemporary worship styles. Parts of our service will be familiar to individuals with a Roman Catholic or Lutheran Church Missouri-Synod background, and parts of the service will reflects practices more common in contemporary churches.

For Your Kids:

New born - 2 years old

Nursery is available for the Worship Service

3 years old - 4 years old

Nursery is available during the sermon if desired

Pre-K - 5th grade

Sunday School and Worship

Middle School

Sunday School and Worship

High School

Sunday School and Worship

For You:

Sunday School and Worship

Faith and Family

We believe that faith starts, grows, and thrives in the family. We want to help your family discover a healthy rhythm of faith that works for you.

We believe that children learn faith best by doing it. This is why we encourage you to have your kids in the service with you. We know it's hard, and totally welcome the sounds of kids in our service.

What you waiting for, join us this week!

Stay connected throughout the week.

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