Sunday Mornings at SMC

We believe Sunday mornings should be a time when the people of God gather to worship God and celebrate the good news that Jesus is the risen king of the world.

What to Expect

When do things happen?

Sunday School for all ages starts at 9:00 am. Classes meet in the educational building to the south of the sanctuary. Adults meet in the lower level, and children and teens meet in the upper level. (Please note, our Sunday School is on summer break for June and July, please see our Facebook page for the most up-to-date info of when it we start back up in August.) Following Sunday School, the Worship Service starts at 10:00 am in the sanctuary, which is to the north of the educational building.

What is the service like?

Our Sunday Worship service is about one hour long and combines the church's 2000 plus year heritage of rich worship with the language and technology of the twenty-first century.


On a typical Sunday, you'll be invited to gather from your life to worship God, you'll hear prayers read, you'll be invited at times to pray along, you'll hear the word of God read, you'll hear the word of God preached, you'll be invited to respond to the word of God--through prayer, confession of faith, confession of sin, offering, and (at least once a month) Holy Communion--and you'll be sent back into the world to do the work of Jesus.

Is the service traditional or contemporary?

Our service is a little bit of both. On any given Sunday we might say an ancient prayer, sing a hymn from the 1920s, and sing a contemporary worship song. You might see our pastor wearing an alb (it looks like a bathrobe) while playing a guitar. You may sing the words to a hymn from the middle ages off a projector screen. Our aim is to draw from the rich history of Christian worship, while using the language and technology of our contemporary culture.

What is the preaching like?

Our preaching is rooted in Scripture, draws from the church calendar, and follows the Revised Common Lectionary (for most of the year). During the summer months (called ordinary time in the church calendar) we often study books, or focus on important sections of scripture (like the Sermon on the Mount or the parables of Jesus).

What do people wear?

On any given Sunday will see people in slacks, button ups, blazers, and jeans. Gone are the days of suits and dresses. Wear what is most comfortable for you.

Can I receive communion?

Absolutely! The communion table is God's and God's alone. We're not going to decided who comes to God's table. However, we do believe that communion is an encounter with Jesus. If you plan to receive, we only ask that you do so prepared to open your heart to him.

What about my kids?

Children are the future of both the life of our congregation and the people of God. Because of this, we take the spiritual formation of children very seriously. For newborns through PRE-K we offer a staffed nursery for both the Sunday School and Worship hours. We also offer Sunday School for all ages. We encourage parents to have their children with them during the worship service because family worship experiences are central in the spiritual development of children.

However, we also understand you sometimes just need a break. The nursery is always available for children through age four during the service, even if you just want to send your kids up to the nursery during the sermon. Please feel free to ask if you need assistance, we want to serve your family in a way that supports your spiritual growth.

(Note: For the summer we are between nursery workers and are unable to offers a staffed nursery. We apologize for this inconvenience. Our hope is to start offering a staffed nursery during the worship service again in August, and then a staffed nursery during Sunday school soon after that. In the mean time, parents are always able to take their child to the nursery for all or part of the service if they need to step out. We understand, however, that this is not an ideal situation, and deeply apologize for not being able to offer better options for parents at this time.)

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