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Learn what it's like to worship with us.



Church should be familiar and inspiring. We hope you'll join us this Sunday, there's something for the whole family.

What happens on Sunday morning.

Sunday School

Every Sunday at 9 AM

Sunday School Classes:

Godly Play - Pre-K through 5th Grade

Middle School Youth Class - 6th through 8th Grade

High School Youth Class - 9th through 12th Grade

Adult Class - All life stages

Please note: We don't have a regular nursery schedule for Sunday school. If you have a child who will need the nursery (infant-age 3) during Sunday School, please mention that when you plan your visit.

Worship Service

Every Sunday at 10 AM

Our worship service is a mix of traditional and contemporary worship styles that aim to take you into the presence of God.

We strongly believe that families should worship together, and welcome the noises of children into our services.

That being said, we understand that sometime it's better for little ones to have their own space. So we have a volunteer staffed nursery for infants and toddlers that you are welcome to use if you'd like.

See our "General Question" section below for more details about our service.

Where We Meet

Our address is 7494 North 600 West Decatur, Indiana 46733.

There is parking east of the build along 600 W, north of the building along 750 N, west of the building, and overflow parking across 750 N west of the parsonage.

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General Questions

Is your service traditional or contemporary? At a glance, our service will feel like a traditional church service. There are, however, several ways in which our service is less traditional: 1. We use a projector to project song lyrics, scripture, and prayers on the wall so the congregation can follow along throughout the service. 2. We sing contemporary worship songs throughout the year along side traditional hymns. Our music selection comes down to what fits the goal of the service, so the music we use differs from week to week. 3. We have at least one song led on the acoustic guitar most weeks. 4. We strive to use everyday language in our service, which includes using the New International Version Bible translation. Our aim is to draw from the rich history of Christian worship, while using the language and technology of today.

What is the service like? Our Sunday Worship service is about one hour long (add about 15 minutes on weeks with communion) and has the following structure: Our service begins by gathering us to worship when the bell rings at 10 AM. Then one of our youth will light the alter candles and Pastor Chris will welcome the congregation and make several annoucements. The service then begins with an opening song sang by the congregation. Then Pastor Chris leads the congregation in saying together a call to worship and a prayer calling on God to join and cleanse his people for worship. We then have another song followed by a prayer appointed for the week. We then transision into the next part of the service devoted to hearing the word of God. During this section several scripture passaged are read from the Revised Common Lectionary, including a Psalm that is read responsivly by the congregation. Next comes the sermon. After the sermon we transition into a time of response to the word of God. We respond first by confessing the Aposotles' Creed. We then have the Prayers of God's People followed by a Confession of Sin. Next we collect an offering. It's at this point that we have Holy Communion roughly once a month (please see the question specficially about communion for more information). The service then wraps up by sending the congregation back into the world with a closing song and final blessing.

What do people wear? People wear what makes them most comfortable. Some people wear a tie and blazor or slacks and a nicer blouse and others come in jeans and t-shirt. We want you to come in what makes you comfortable. During Advent, Christmas, Lent, and Easter, Pastor Chris wears an alb during the service. He does this to mark out these seasons in the church calendar as specifically important. Other times throughout the year he wears a clergy shirt with a white tab collar.

Can I receive communion? Absolutely! We believe that the communion table is God's and God's alone. We're not going to stop you from coming to God's table. However, we do believe that communion is an encounter with Jesus. If you plan to come to his table, we only ask that you do so prepared to open your heart to him.

What is the preaching like? Our preaching draws from the church calendar, and follows the Revised Common Lectionary for the seasons of Advent, Christmas, Lent, and Easter. During the summer months--called ordinary time in the church calendar--we often study books of the Bible or focus on important sections of scripture, like the Sermon on the Mount or the parables of Jesus. No matter which season of the year, sermons are betwen 15-25 mintues and they are written to be rooted in scripture and spoken into everyday life. We hope each sermons connects the bible to your life in a way that challenges you to grow.

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Plan a Visit

We know that visiting a church for the first time can be intimidating. Make your first visit a good as it can be by letting us know ahead of time that you're coming. We can't wait to worship with you!

Fill out this form to let us know you're coming!

Do you have any children who will be attending with you?
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